I’ll be honest with ya…

Let’s have a real moment. I’ll be honest with ya here, The more time I spend blogging/promoting, the harder it is to write. 

They’re just two different mind sets, and I’m trying to learn how to balance them, but promotion and advertisement and blogging requires so much time and attention that by time I have even the slightest break, my creative juices are exhausted. And I don’t even have to be that creative when it comes to blogging–it’s not like world building. But it’s not my type of creativity. It’s not the free creativity I love–thus why it is incredibly taxing on me.

Just wanted to share that. Don’t know if others run into the same issue. But that’s my real moment for the day.

– Dan


Daniel Waltz Radio Interview – The Water Travelers

If you missed the radio interview with WGVU earlier today and want to hear it for yourself then here ya go! If you haven’t snagged your very own copy of The Water Travelers yet, the links to the first two books in the seven part series are below!

OFFICIAL LINK to WGVU RADIO –> http://wgvu2.org/wgvunews/index.cfm?id=tmsdetail&sty=32442

Link To thewatertravelers.com 

Book One: Heir of the Unknown


Book Two: The Curse of Senapin book-two-cover.jpg

My Black Cat Wishes

Okay, for some time now I’ve wanted my very own, black cat. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just seem so mystical and magical and awesome. Have I gotten one yet?



I’m posting this to just let out some of my strong desire to have one. I can’t wait to go and pick out a baby black cat and raise him and hang out with him all the time. This is probably an extraordinarily childish post you’d expect a seven year old girl to make. But alas, here I am, grown 20 year old dreaming about the day I can have my very own magical black cat.


Anyway, while we’re on the subject. What’s you’re dream pet? Granted I’d pick a dragon or something, so let’s keep the options realistic. After my awesome magic cat, I’m looking to get a few huskies.

Monthly Book Wrap Up | June

Monthly Wrap Ups! Anyone else find these books fantastic? I’ve heard good things about ACOTAR and Fangirl!

Josies Book Corner

June Book Wrap Up

Hello bookworms! Can you believe it? June has come and gone in the blink of an eye! This year really is speeding up. Anyway, today I have for you my bookish wrap up for the month of June. It was a good reading month, in which I managed to finish 5 incredible books! So here’s the books I finished this month…

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How’s Your week been?

I enjoy community, and I really love this wordpress community that I’m apart of. So, this is just me, checking up on You, to see how your weeks going so far. Positives? Negatives? Other miscellaneous things? Life? Just checking up and staying connected.

Mine’s been slow. Lots of waiting around for meetings and things that mostly canceled. So that kind of sucks. But I have had time to see my friends during the night, which has been really nice. Spending time with friends is crucial to staying, well, sain. I think. I don’t know, things can just get pretty tough so having a close-knit group of friends to support you is an amazing blessing. I was also able to get some writing in! Which, you didn’t know this, but I have been having a hard time writing lately. There’s been so much discouraging stuff, little time, and other things happening in my life that it’s just been hard to sit down and write. I’ll talk more on this later but at this very moment I have to go!


I need to get into more audiobooks, just saying. My schedule consists of so much driving, so much running around, so much going and so little reading. I feel like audiobooks are the perfect solution because I can just flick them on and off whenever. What are your thoughts on them? They really seem to be gaining popularity but the only problem I have with getting them is that I could by three digital books for the price of one audio book. Gahh.

Plus I love a paperback book. They smell nice.