Well, Water Travelers, and stuff..

Yeah this is just the obligatory blog post so “Dan doesn’t hurt me”.

I suppose if you didn’t already know, there are Two books released through the author Daniel Waltz.

(The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown & The Water Travelers: The Curse of Senapin) The two books are sequential, and follow the story of the main characters Aaron and Madalyne as they journey and do other stuff. I’m not telling you what they do, because then you won’t need to read the books. Dan is already in the process of writing the third book, and we can’t release the title yet but we are hoping for a late 2015 release (but that is tentative as we are both taking full college class loads). The Water Travelers series is projected to have a full 7 books, and the outline for all 7 have been created and thought through, at this point its just a matter of adding character development through the 7 books, and the fun details and conflict etc. Each book will obviously continue roughly where the last left off, and because Daniel is a turd, the last few pages really twist your arm to read the next book, which unfortunately hasn’t been published yet.

Dan is coming back soon, I think…

-Zach Rossetter


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