Thursday, Stuf…f — And WATER TRAVELERS: THE CURSE OF SENAPIN *update*

Film sets are going well, super busy but I’m enjoying a lot of it. From all of this time on set I’ve really learned what  I truly enjoy, and also what I’m not the biggest fan of. We’ll get to that in another post, though.

Okay, so, The Curse of Senapin. We’re working as fast as we can to finish these edits (ran into some… complications earlier.) and we’re hoping to have the book out around April 2! April 2 PEOPLE, MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THAT WEEK. (That week.)

More stuff to follow soon. I’d like to do a Q&A on Book Two before it’s launched, allowing each blogger to ask 2 questions about it. I will answer what I can, (as you can understand there will be some things I can not answer) and hopefully it will build some more excitement for the book! If you’d be interested, lemme know.

Oh, and if you haven’t started Book One: Heir of the Unknown, you should really get on that. Like today. Here’s the link, I even put it right here for you 😉 –> LINKAGE 

The Water Travelers


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