30+ Script Pages Written Yesterday!

I’ve been working on writing some short films recently and yesterday I wrote over thirty pages! I can’t tell you what they’re about yet, but I can tell you one is about an eight grade dance and the other involves old people and guns. The old people one isn’t my original idea but I’m a co-writer on it! Stay tuned for more and scroll over to Daniel Waltz Films to see some other projects! (You could support us if you want, that’d be tear jerking.)


Author Interview: Daniel Waltz

Daniel Waltz – Author Interview – Check out this new interview conducted by the owner of the lovely blog Bookaholic Confessions! Thanks for interviewing me Holly! 🙂 #thewatertravelers

Bookaholic Confessions


I’m delighted to be joined by Daniel Waltz on my blog today. Daniel’s debut novel, The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown was released in July 2014 and it sounds amazing! (Click here to get your copy.) With more books to follow in the series, Daniel gives us the low-down where he gets his ideas from and what we can expect from the rest of The Water Travelers series…

Hello Daniel, a huge, warm welcome to Bookaholic Confessions! Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Would you like to start by introducing yourself…?

Hello! My name is Daniel Waltz, I am the author of The Water Travelers series. I am a 20 year old Michigander who loves following God and changing the world.

Can you tell us a bit about your novel The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown?

Heir of the Unknown is the first book of…

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Thursday, Stuf…f — And WATER TRAVELERS: THE CURSE OF SENAPIN *update*

Film sets are going well, super busy but I’m enjoying a lot of it. From all of this time on set I’ve really learned what  I truly enjoy, and also what I’m not the biggest fan of. We’ll get to that in another post, though.

Okay, so, The Curse of Senapin. We’re working as fast as we can to finish these edits (ran into some… complications earlier.) and we’re hoping to have the book out around April 2! April 2 PEOPLE, MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THAT WEEK. (That week.)

More stuff to follow soon. I’d like to do a Q&A on Book Two before it’s launched, allowing each blogger to ask 2 questions about it. I will answer what I can, (as you can understand there will be some things I can not answer) and hopefully it will build some more excitement for the book! If you’d be interested, lemme know.

Oh, and if you haven’t started Book One: Heir of the Unknown, you should really get on that. Like today. Here’s the link, I even put it right here for you 😉 –> LINKAGE 

The Water Travelers

A lovely little book market in London




“If you take a book with you on a journey,” Mo had said when he put the first one in her box, “an odd thing happens: The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with the very first words: the sights you saw in that place, what it smelled like, the ice cream you ate while you were reading it… yes, books are like flypaper—memories cling to the printed page better than anything else.”
Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

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The Water Travelers – book review

New 4 Star Review! Check out this super awesome in depth review of ‘The Water Travelers!’

Written Word Worlds

The Water Travelers

The Water Travelers is an alluring and captivating book, written by Daniel Waltz.

The people of Upitar have the ability to transport themselves between their world and Earth through water. Aaron Archien is the heir to the throne of Upitar and before his father lets him become king, he is given one task – to go to Earth to find the daughter of Michael Harper and bring her back to Upitar to kill her. There’s an ancient prophesy that Madalyne Harper will be the one to destroy the waterways, damaging Upitar irreparably and astronomically.

Aaron is against taking a life and he thinks that maybe the prophesy could be wrong, but he agrees to do it for the sake of his people. However, when Aaron reaches Earth, he unknowingly meets Madalyne. They begin to fall in love when Aaron realises this is the girl he has to kill. Will Aaron…

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Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1 – is full of hypocrisy

I got it myself! It won’t be free much longer!

Glenn Hates Books


3 of 5 Flaming-Ass Stars – Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1 by Glenn Conley.

Okay, so this guy hates books. I get that. I fucking hate books too. But why’d he go and write a book about it? Isn’t that the most hypocritical thing to do? I mean, it seems like this guy literally wants to put a bunch of books in a pile and burn ’em. Great. So, is he gonna include his book as well, in this pile of books he’s gonna burn? I doubt it. Fucking hypocrite.

Apparently, this book is a collection of book reviews from this asshole’s blog. It’s 229 pages of horseshit, that’s already on his blog for free, for fuck’s sake. What’s the purpose of this goddamn book? Why the fuck would anyone buy it? It makes no sense to me, whatsoever.

Okay, maybe… Just maybe, I’d get this book to read on…

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