45 Thoughts whilst writing a book review

These are great


Afternoon readers, hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday because the weekend is nearly here *squeals.* There will be a review up today, but I fancied doing something a little bit silly. I decided to do a list of some of the thoughts I have when writing book reviews, this isn’t to say it happens every time (trying to convince myself I’m more organised,) but inevitably happens most of the time. I don’t know whether others can relate or have anything to add and although this obviously wasn’t written with a specific book in mind I thought we could have a giggle about book reviewing on a sunny happy Friday afternoon.

1)      Right, laptop on. Okay that’s not worki…wait plug it in; might help

2)      This dell monstrosity is the slowest machine in the world

3)      Oh, I’m not cosy, pyjamas would be better

4)      Right, scour the ‘floordrobe’ to find something suitable

5)      Right…

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