The Glittering World by Robert Levy

Who else has read this book? It sounds interesting! I’d love to hear what others think.

Antonio Urias

Robert Levy’s The Glittering World is a dark, fantastical story set in a remote Canadian town. Michael “Blue” Whitley is a young chef trying to keep his restaurant afloat. Having fallen afoul of a loan shark, Blue and his friends travel to Starling Cove to sell his Grandmother’s house as quickly as possible. It’s supposed to be a quick trip, but Blue soon uncovers a mystery stretching back to his forgotten childhood, a mystery that soon traps him and all of his friends.

Elisa is one of Blue’s oldest friends. She and her husband are there partially for moral support and partly as a vacation. She and Blue share a deep friendship and a history from their younger partying days, but she’s keeping a secret from both of them, a secret that will have major consequences before the end. The final member of the group is Gabe, one of Blue’s…

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