Skyship Academy The Pearl Wars by Nick James

Who else has read Skyship Academy? Thoughts?

The Online Eccentric Librarian

Although I enjoyed The Pearl Wars, I have to admit it didn’t pull me in as much as I had expected. One part dystopian, one part steampunk, the author gives us an original concept with characters not explored often enough in YA/middle school fiction. There is grand worldbuilding with equally nuanced storylines, mysteries and hints, with enough intrigue to keep a reader interested. But the pacing is a bit off so it wasn’t a clean read.


Story: Two boys in very different life situations have a chance encounter in a very dystopian Earth. Ravaged and barely livable, survivors use pearls to power the machinery that protects domed cities and ships. The pearls occasionally fall out of the sky and finding them is a very lucrative business. When Jesse and Cassius meet as adversaries, they begin a path of discovery that will uncover the secret of the pearls – and the…

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