Preview – I’ll Meet You There

Anyone else get similar feelings from this book?

Jancee's Reading Journal

I'll Meet You There

 Title: I’ll Meet You There

 Author: Heather Demetrios

 YA – Contemporary Fiction

 Release Date: February 3, 2015

 Source: NetGalley

So this title wasn’t even on my radar until a couple of months ago when the book blogosphere kind of exploded with positive reviews….suddenly it was the hottest title that everyone was raving about. And it sounded exactly like my kind of book, so I clicked on over to NetGalley and requested a copy. I didn’t know then what I was in store for.

The story centers on Skylar, who has just graduated high school and has three months of summer to survive before she can head off to art school and get out of Creek View. Creek View is the sort of town that fosters poverty – minimum wage jobs, teenage pregnancy, trailer parks, and drinking all mark the town, and Skylar knows her future is brighter than that. But…

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