Mini-Review: The Invisble Library by Genevieve Cogman

This. Book. Sounds. Freaking. Sweet.

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invisble libraryThe Invisble Library by Genevieve Gogman

3.5 out of 5 stars

In December all I wanted was a fun read. Some kind of adventure story that would be captivating enough to allow me to escape into it for that little free time that I had. I decided that Rivers of London sounded quite like that kind of book. But, sadly, it wasn’t.

The Invisible Library, however, is exactly that kind of book. A female librarian-spy,  an alternatess Victorian London, a bit of Steampunk, some dragons, faeries, and vampires, and a whole lot of fun! That’s what this book is.

I do have one point of criticism though. A bit more work on the character-front would have made this novel absolutely perfect. I really had trouble picturing Irene, the protagonist. I don’t know if I missed the introductory description or if there really wasn’t any. But I’m completely  unsure of…

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