Book Reviews: A Terrifying Process

Nice job J.R. Young!

J.R. Young

nail biting terrified

Last Friday, it came.

Staring me down from its place in my inbox was the subject line:

Your review is ready to download.

The review of which I speak is the Kirkus review of my novelette, The Tale of Nottingswood.

kirkus review

Now, the internationally respected Kirkus, who proclaim themselves as “The World’s Toughest Critics,” is a big deal–especially for those of us who self-publish. A great Kirkus review means greater exposure and marketing possibilities, so you can imagine the jet-pack-wearing-butterflies in my stomach when, after 2 months of waiting, my review finally came in.

Even though Kirkus is a “pay-to-play” service, a glowing review is not a guarantee. What is guaranteed is an honest review, leaving the choice to publish the review up to the author.

But why was I scared?

  • Am I that neurotic? (Well, yes, but that’s beside the point.)
  • What if my book is not as…

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