A Regular Post

Sorry my posts have been aimed mostly at promoting The Water Travelers over the past few weeks. I’m just really excited about Book Two’s release and Book One is free! But, for those of you who actually care about my daily life (I know the numbers are few, it’s like 2 of you, maybe.) I’ve been heavily involved in writing scripts for film and am currently a producer on a film coming up. So life’s been busy. Good. Just busy.

And it’s cold. So freaking cold. Where’s summer. I’m ready for warm grass and calm air. Not ice and cold air that turns your skin to rocks.


5 thoughts on “A Regular Post

    1. It is extremely hectic! This week is actually a slow week so it’s nice haha. But coming this weekend my editor is sending back the edits for the second book in The Water Travelers series 😀 😀 😀 😀

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