Book Review: Heroes are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Anyone else read this book? Thoughts?

Hey, Library Girl!

Annie has arrived on the tiny island off the coast of Maine to stay at her recently-departed mother’s cottage and search for the legacy her mother swore she left for her.  Sick, unemployed, and basically destitute, this is Annie’s last chance to save herself from total ruin.  But returning to the island isn’t exactly a happy reunion for her, especially when she realizes that Theo Harp is staying at Harp House just up the hill.  He was her first crush but also her tormentor as a teen.  Trapped together for the duration of the winter, Annie struggles to reconcile this seemingly changed man from the psychopath she swore he was all those years ago.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips has long established herself as a romance powerhouse author.  What’s interesting about this novel is that she chooses to branch out from her well-traveled terrain and try something wholly fresh: a contemporary take…

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