review: We Were Liars by e. lockhart

Who else shared these opinions? Is John Green right, or just sticking his neck out?

how to love books

We Were Liars

this book was one of those books you come across because its on the *top reads* or *so hot right now* or *read this or you will die* kinds of lists. i also i thought since john green said that it was quote, “thrilling, beautiful… blisteringly smart and utterly unforgettable” [wow so many big words in one tiny review] i might as well order it, have it delivered and then maybe read it.

basically the storyline revolves around one family, the ‘sinclairs’ who have their own private island where they spend every summer with the maids waiting on them and the cooks cooking for them, aka their grandpa is super dooper rich. the grandpa has three daughters and then they have a few kids as well. the story is told from the perspective of the eldest granddaughter, cadence. the daughters/aunties spend pretty much the whole time fighting over who will get…

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