Don’t Close Your Eyes – book review

This story sounds awesome. Did anyone else dislike the writing style?

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Don't Close Your Eyes

Don’t Close Your Eyes, consisting of Wake, Fade and Gone, is an interesting and different series, written by Lisa McMann.

Janie Hannagan has the ability – or the curse – of being pulled into other people’s dreams. She’s always kept this ability a secret. That is, until she met Cabel and found herself with the most amazing (but secret) boyfriend. But Janie and Cabel don’t yet realise how dark Janie’s future as a Dream Catcher is. But the bigger question is: will Cabel be a part of it?


I really wanted to fall in love with this series like I do with so many others, but sadly, that didn’t happen for me in this one. I was really excited to read this series because the plot seemed really intriguing and I thought I’d like it. For me, the way these books were written was the main issue. I…

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