Book Two Update!

Flying crocodiles, death, sex, murder, drugs…

are all things that are not really in Book Two. Just wanted to get your attention. Sort of. You’ll have to read it to see. Nevertheless, The Water Travelers, Book Two (Title TBA) is rolling through the editing process! I’ll be making an announcement around the 20th filled with information about Book Two, so stayed tuned and read Book One: ‘Heir of the Unknown’ if you haven’t! BUT, to feed your appetite and reward you for reading this far (good job), here are a few things about Book Two:

– Aaron does go back to Upitar

– Madi and Aaron are being hunted

– Yerowslii is in it

– Herrathos is active

Sorry, that’s all I can give you guys for now! Here’s the links for Book One, ‘Heir of The Unknown’ (YOU CAN SAMPLE IT FOR FREE)

Amazon – $2.99                                    Smashwords Free Sample or Buy – $0.99


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