Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Like multiple points of view that converge into one story? Maybe this book is for you!

beautiful ruinsTitle: Beautiful Ruins

Writer: Jess Walter

Publisher/Edition: HarperCollins/First Paperback Edition (2012)

Pages: 337p

Bought at: Periplus Sale FX (IDR 100k)

“A ridiculously talented writer.” – that’s what New York Times said about Jess Walter and Beautiful Ruins. I couldn’t agree more.

The story begins in 1962, in a fishing village called Porto Vergogna in Italy. Pasquale Tursi, the owner of a small (and the only) inn on the island, spotted a beautiful, almost out-of-this-world kind of American actress who came to his island, and apparently was dying. The actress, Dee Moray, came from Rome, where there was the lavish movie set of Cleopatra, when scandals happened everyday including between the two main stars, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Dee was a part of that movie but she had to leave, hiding in Pasquale’s village because of her illness.

Now, decades later, Pasquale is an old man, and he goes to…

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