– OFFICIAL TITLE OF BOOK TWO: “The Curse of Senapin”

– Release Date: March 4th, 2015 (Tentative)

– The formatting of the print will be smaller spacing and smaller gutters.

– So far, roughly 40 pages have been cut from The Curse of Senapin and major story changes have happened. Even with these changes and the smaller spacing, and the smaller gutters, it is still planned to be around 100 pages longer than The Heir of the Unknown.

– Aaron and Madi are still the leading main characters, as they will be for all seven books in the series.

– You will meet four new Keepers.

– Herrathos, The Keeper of Senapin (one of the three), is very active in “The Curse of Senapin”.

– Yerowslii does return and brings a few secrets with him.

– You see Aaron and Samuel’s mother.

– Samuel does make an appearance.

– You will meet more of Madi’s family.

– A ruthless bounty hunter shows his face.

– You meet another king.

– You meet few of the other races.

– You’re introduced to two new wizards, one you’ve technically already met.

– A time traveler is in it.

– The story will primarily take place on Senapin.

– You learn more about The Whistle of Elrob.

– You learn about new creatures on different worlds.

And finally, “The Curse of Senapin” will be a little darker than “Heir of the Unknown”. It’s when things start to get really serious and Herrathos begins revealing himself and his intentions. Fights break out, people are betrayed, sides are turned, and long time secrets get revealed.

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If you haven’t read Book One: Heir of the Unknown, click the link below to start it today. Feel free to comment with any questions, please do not reveal any spoilers from Heir of the Unknown, though!!!
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– Daniel Waltz

Book One Link –> http://www.amazon.com/The-Water-Travelers-Heir-Unknown-ebook/dp/B00LSSEF18

Free Sample Book One –> https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/498708


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Book Two Update!

Flying crocodiles, death, sex, murder, drugs…

are all things that are not really in Book Two. Just wanted to get your attention. Sort of. You’ll have to read it to see. Nevertheless, The Water Travelers, Book Two (Title TBA) is rolling through the editing process! I’ll be making an announcement around the 20th filled with information about Book Two, so stayed tuned and read Book One: ‘Heir of the Unknown’ if you haven’t! BUT, to feed your appetite and reward you for reading this far (good job), here are a few things about Book Two:

– Aaron does go back to Upitar

– Madi and Aaron are being hunted

– Yerowslii is in it

– Herrathos is active

Sorry, that’s all I can give you guys for now! Here’s the links for Book One, ‘Heir of The Unknown’ (YOU CAN SAMPLE IT FOR FREE)

Amazon – $2.99                                    Smashwords Free Sample or Buy – $0.99

Time is Precious—Are We Investing Wisely?

Time is the unseen element that drives us all crazy at some point.

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We always here that phrase about time. You know the one. “Well, we all have the same 24 hours.” DaVinci, Mozart, Newton, Elvis all had 24 hours.  It’s true. Yet why is it some people seem to make so much of their time and others have little or nothing (or even negative fruits) to show for it?

Today might be an uncomfortable topic, but if it helps any, it makes me uncomfortable too.

I don’t know if any of you are like me. Your attitude is, “Instructions are for SISSIES.” So I pull the pieces out of the box and just intuitively put stuff where it goes. Being an ENFP, we love doing stuff by gut. It’s comfortable…until it’s uncomfortable.

Because when I get to the end and am ready to plug in that lamp-endtable combo? It wobbles. Ah, hell, and there are these extra parts. I just thought…

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