5 Months

Since July, The Water Travelers has been out for five months (it’s on Amazon.) And this process of adverting, promoting, and selling is not what I truly enjoy. I want to write, not create campaigns! Anyone feel the same pain?

Self publishing has it’s advantages, but I miss the time I had to just sit and write for hours without having to stress about marketing. Things have been going alright, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely a process. A long… long… super long… process. But, I wouldn’t trade it. I am having a ball! Sure it has it’s lows but what doesn’t? I used to think I wanted a publishing house to have my back, but with where the markets heading, I no longer consider that to be the best route.

Other authors out there, what do you think? Are you still hunting for a publisher? Are you liking self publishing? Do you enjoy yelling at a computer because it won’t do the simple things you ask?


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