Enthusiastic Howell alumni puts talents to good use.

An article written by a member of my former high School! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed, Madi!

Howell Main Four

DanOswaltPicBy A&E Editor: Madison Deadman

Howell High School 2013 grad, Daniel Oswalt, jumped right into his life-long dreams fresh out of his senior year. Oswalt has dedicated hours, days, weeks, and months into his aspirations. He is the kind of person who sets his mind on something and pursues it through and through. Oswalt is breaking new ground with a few new projects which he hopes will change the world for the better.

How would you describe yourself? What makes you, “you”?

I am a loud, mediocre joke teller, who loves to tell stories and make people smile. I would describe myself as someone who wants to tell and be a part of stories. I try to serve my God with alI I am because He has made me who I am.

What sparked your interest in writing? In film-making?

Those movies or books you read—the ones that really leave…

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