HugA-LAGA-LEgahu-GanHAGGAAA-LEEGA-LOOGA. Do I have your attention now? Because honestly, when I’m scrolling through feeds I barely read the first sentence (if that.) Which is pretty stupid, if you ask me. Guilty? Unfortunately. But don’t we all? I think this just reinforces the fact that a good majority of the time the first sentence is the most important. (Now the pressures on am I write? (Yes, I intentionally spelled right, write, to be punny and funny–I have not had my coffee today so please refrain from slapping.)) But really, that first sentence, that’s what people read, well that and the title. So yeah, I made my first sentence nonsense, because maybe it will attract your attention. Or it will detour. It’s a gamble really. Where am I going with this? Don’t ask me yet I haven’t figured it out. I guess I’m just saying make sure your first sentence is above par, because it’s a shame how many great posts or whatevers get skipped over based on a mediocre opening. (Disregard the title, as that is another shot in the dark hoping it attracts people. I’m gonna get some coffee now.) 



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