AS I PROMISED! – What The Water Travelers is About:

Sorry this took so long, things have been quite busy! But, because we’ve made it to 50 followers, here is what The Water Travelers, is about!

In, The Water Travelers, there are these two worlds, Earth, and this other world, Upitar. The people of Upitar have the ability to travel back and forth between their world and Earth, through water. They do what is called water traveling. The story primarily follows a young man named Aaron, who is the heir to the throne of Upitar, and a girl from Earth, Madalyne. Aaron’s father, The King of Upitar, assigns him one last task before he feels Aaron is ready to become king. The task is to go to Earth, find the daughter of Michael Harper, bring her back to Upitar, and kill her.

The girl, was prophesied about long ago to be the one who would destroy the world of Upitar. Although Aaron is against the idea of taking an innocent life, he agrees to do it for the sake of his people. When Aaron meets Madalyne, it is not know that she is the girl he must kill. They become friends and love even begins to bloom. After Aaron finally reveals to her that he is water traveler, it is also made known that Madalyne is the girl who the prophecy had been made about.

This takes us up to the first half of book one! There will be seven books in this series, so as you can image, there is a bunch more that is to come and more that is going on within their stories.

WANT TO READ IT? I WILL POST THE FIRST CHAPER IF WE GET 3 MORE FOLLOWERS, AND 5 LIKES! I THINK WE CAN DO IT!!! (Two of the five likes will be coming from me, so really, its only 3 likes needed.)


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    Some of you have read the first few chapters, but for those of you who haven’t seen this, here is a general summary of what The Water Travelers, Book One, is about. (Note that it is planned to be a series of seven!)

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