Those Things That Are Magical

That place-that thing-that sight-that whatever it is-it is, it is magical. When I look at things like a windmill, I don’t just see the windmill, I also feel something. There’s so much beauty and wonder from that windmill. So much magic-it’s as though I’m apart of a story-a fantasy. It takes me to a place that’s said to be make believe but is really so real if one allows themselves to go there. Things like hot air balloons, or old blimps, or Chinese lanterns have the same effect. I find them fascinating and the feeling-the sixth sense I gain from them is what I think is, magic.  That mystical feeling of happiness and fantasy when you see something that takes you to a new moment is what I think is simply described as magical. Maybe everyones different, but if you know that feeling-that feeling you get when you see a lone giant tree, or slowly sip a cup of tea, then you know what I am referring to. I want to know what do you find magical? What is something  you see and feel that sixth sense?



9 thoughts on “Those Things That Are Magical

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