Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Now, granted I could change my mind on this in a couple of hours after my sleep tanks have been refueled, but I would say is it intentional or is it meaningless? If a joke of any kind is targeted at a certain group of people, and meant to do damage then yeah, it can be a little over the line. But if it’s just for the laugh and has no real meaning then I don’t think there’s a need to overreact. People worry to much about other people having harmless fun. I myself, am a type one diabetic, and I love to make and hear diabetic jokes. Common ones about how I still carry an pager around, which is really an insulin pump, are quite popular. That or it being an old mp3 player or something. Just the other day friends and I thought of: Diabetic pick up lines: Hey sweetie, I’m feeling a little low, want to give me some of your sugar?” Some people got the joke. Anyways, Daniel Tosh, for example, makes jokes about the twin towers, a touchy subject, and afterwords says, “oh, was that too soon?” He wasn’t trying to hurt anybody with a joke though. There’s a difference between hurting someone and sharing a laugh. But, word of advice, one better make a pretty damn funny joke if it’s right after something, because other wise they look like someone who just received their douchebag award.

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?


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