And the best movie tattoos belong TO…

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews


Major points for curb appeal, but if those aren’t just the worst reminders to wake up to every morning. Swell voting though, folks. Makes for one hell of a Halloween costume.

– Lenny, Memento: 13 votes
– Nikolai, Eastern Promises: 10 votes
– Harry Powell, Night of the Hunter: 5 votes
– Darth Maul: 5 votes
– Lisbeth, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: 5 votes
– Jake & Elwood Blues: 4 votes (personal favorite)
– Snake Plissken: 3 votes
– Max Cady, Cape Fear: 3 votes
– Jesse & Chester, Dude, Where’s My Car?: 3 votes
– H.I., Raising Arizona: 2 votes (actual real-life candidate, if only it didn’t look so much like Woody Woodpecker…)
– The Boondock Saints: 2 votes
– The Tooth Fairy, Red Dragon: 1 vote
– The Dark Mark, Harry Potter: 2 votes (can’t believe…

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