Those Things That Are Magical

That place-that thing-that sight-that whatever it is-it is, it is magical. When I look at things like a windmill, I don’t just see the windmill, I also feel something. There’s so much beauty and wonder from that windmill. So much magic-it’s as though I’m apart of a story-a fantasy. It takes me to a place that’s said to be make believe but is really so real if one allows themselves to go there. Things like hot air balloons, or old blimps, or Chinese lanterns have the same effect. I find them fascinating and the feeling-the sixth sense I gain from them is what I think is, magic.  That mystical feeling of happiness and fantasy when you see something that takes you to a new moment is what I think is simply described as magical. Maybe everyones different, but if you know that feeling-that feeling you get when you see a lone giant tree, or slowly sip a cup of tea, then you know what I am referring to. I want to know what do you find magical? What is something  you see and feel that sixth sense?



Procrastinating…sort of.

College stuff. It’s hard for to do it. There’s so much of it, so much packing, organizing, spending, and preparing has to get done and I don’t want to nor do I have time to do it. I love doing what I do now, not that it’s procrastinating, but that I enjoy it so much more. I think that has part to do with it too. I don’t want to stop my progress now for something that is supposed to help my progress. I feel like it’s almost like I am adding a middle man, you know? Do you ever feel like something, that’s supposed to help you, might actually be getting in the way of what you want it to help you with. That’s how I feel right now-that’s why when I think of all the time consuming stuff I have to do for this thing-college-it just frustrates me because, I could be filtering valuable time and money into something that causes a slow down effect. Sorry that this was probably more of a venting/thinking/Blah moment rather than about procrastination, but, that’s just what’s on my mind, and that’s what a blog is all about anyway.

And That’s A Wrap!

After a long and awesome three months, I have finished filming my first movie! It feels pretty good, granted there’s still editing to do, but the fillings done. What a great experience, I’ve learned so much. The process had its moments but all I still loved! Along with directing the movie I also acted in it. This hat here in the picture is a piece of the character I played. It will always have a special meaning to me, as the first film I’ve ever done officially. Its called Grasping Mutiny, so look for it in the future because maybe one day you’ll see it! So, with that, wow, that’s all I can say. I thank The Builder, for making it all possible.


Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Now, granted I could change my mind on this in a couple of hours after my sleep tanks have been refueled, but I would say is it intentional or is it meaningless? If a joke of any kind is targeted at a certain group of people, and meant to do damage then yeah, it can be a little over the line. But if it’s just for the laugh and has no real meaning then I don’t think there’s a need to overreact. People worry to much about other people having harmless fun. I myself, am a type one diabetic, and I love to make and hear diabetic jokes. Common ones about how I still carry an pager around, which is really an insulin pump, are quite popular. That or it being an old mp3 player or something. Just the other day friends and I thought of: Diabetic pick up lines: Hey sweetie, I’m feeling a little low, want to give me some of your sugar?” Some people got the joke. Anyways, Daniel Tosh, for example, makes jokes about the twin towers, a touchy subject, and afterwords says, “oh, was that too soon?” He wasn’t trying to hurt anybody with a joke though. There’s a difference between hurting someone and sharing a laugh. But, word of advice, one better make a pretty damn funny joke if it’s right after something, because other wise they look like someone who just received their douchebag award.

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

And the best movie tattoos belong TO…

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews


Major points for curb appeal, but if those aren’t just the worst reminders to wake up to every morning. Swell voting though, folks. Makes for one hell of a Halloween costume.

– Lenny, Memento: 13 votes
– Nikolai, Eastern Promises: 10 votes
– Harry Powell, Night of the Hunter: 5 votes
– Darth Maul: 5 votes
– Lisbeth, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: 5 votes
– Jake & Elwood Blues: 4 votes (personal favorite)
– Snake Plissken: 3 votes
– Max Cady, Cape Fear: 3 votes
– Jesse & Chester, Dude, Where’s My Car?: 3 votes
– H.I., Raising Arizona: 2 votes (actual real-life candidate, if only it didn’t look so much like Woody Woodpecker…)
– The Boondock Saints: 2 votes
– The Tooth Fairy, Red Dragon: 1 vote
– The Dark Mark, Harry Potter: 2 votes (can’t believe…

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Daily Prompt: Everything Changed

Quite frankly, I have never had an experience like that. I’ve only hopped to pick up that wet and soggy piece of paper, unravel it’s shriveled body, and see an old and wise Chinese proverb or something. But no, it’s never happened. I have walked with a friend and saw as he dashed to the concert only to pick up a twenty dollar bill! Let me tell you about that day-oh-never do I not only watch the ground on which I walk on after that. Completely life changing.


No, not really. Who does that? 😉

Traveling Iceland with Google Glass + WordPress

Silica Labs Through Glass

I just got back from about 12 days in Iceland. It was my vacation, so my girlfriend and I went armed with cameras.

I was taking pictures with a Nikon, an iPhone, and also with Google Glass.

My friends at Silica Labs built a really cool tool using’s open API to post photos directly from Glass to this blog.

As a result, I could tell the story of our Icelandic vacation by automatically sharing images from Glass.

Let me provide some guidance on the Glass images we posted here.

During the trip we:

  • walked on a glacier
  • watched whales near the Arctic Circle
  • hiked through a dried lava field
  • visited remote fjords (long blue inlets cutting sharply into wild mountains)
  • popped into hot pools of all kind (including a geothermal stream hours from civilization),
  • and came across hundreds of sheep and dozens of cows.

We also ate a lot…

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