LOL: Trailer for ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’



Johnny Knoxville stars as Irving Zisman in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. In theaters October 25th!

One of the most recurring pranks that the Jackass guys pull in their movies is Johnny Knoxville in Old man make-up generally doing horrible things just to get reactions out of people.  This year they will be releasing a movie based on the character in more or less the same way Sacha Baron Cohen made ‘Borat’ and ‘Bruno’, partially scripted but mostly improvised.

When I first heard the news that this was the movie that they would release next I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t do a ‘Jackass 4’ instead.  However, after laughing throughout the entire trailer I am quickly on board with the new direction they are going.



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Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

I’m not one to applaud myself, because I don’t feel it is me who deserves it but the builder. I am one to be thankful for the gifts I have been given, though, and I want to give credit to the one who gives. So to do so, I’ll start by saying I’ve written a book and am currently in the process of trying to get it published. It’s a lot to do especially at age 18, so I am incredible thankful for the ability to! I am also currently directing, and acting in a movie that I wrote. It’s hard work doing everything. I have to be the planner, caster, director, camera man, costume designer, and mostly everything else that comes with making a movie. But I’m glad and thankful I get to do it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: theme of the week

This is a photo I took while on a cruise to Alaska. I was woken up early just to see it and I don’t regret it. It’s absolutely beautiful. The size and wonder of the glacier was captivating and hard to break focus with. Even the mountains in the back (and in some of the hundreds of other photos my finger couldn’t stop from taking) are beautiful. There’s just an awesome sense of fantasy I found to them, as though I could take myself off Earth for a while and travel to another land.